What is Ceramic Coating for Vehicle Protection

Even if you have been hiding under a rock for the last few years, if you’re a car enthusiast in any way,  it is likely you have heard the term ‘ceramic coating’. But, even if you’ve heard the term, are you familiar with what ‘ceramic coating’ actually is and what it can do for your vehicle? Let me break it down in simple terms.

What is Ceramic Car Coating?

First, the chemical makeup of ceramic coating is silicon dioxide. That is about as much chemistry as I can handle. The most common place to apply this coating is to your vehicles exterior surface.This includes paint, plastics, windows and wheels.

What Does Ceramic Car Coating Do?

What does this ceramic car coating do? On a molecular level, your vehicle’s paint is not a flat surface. The ceramic coating ‘fills’ in the gaps creating a smooth surface. This process allows for the coating to have water repellent properties. Also, this makes it more difficult for pollutants to bond to your paint.

Having your car ceramic coated will help the exterior surfaces look and feel new for many years to come.

Once your car is coated, it does require some maintenance. We will dig deeper into this subject on a different day.

Brands for Ceramic Car Coating

For now, let’s talk about the brands we use during our coating sessions:

These are both amazing products that include warranties. The brands are different in pricing.

A lot of companies advertise that once your car is coated it is now ‘bullet proof’ which is not exactly  true. Your car will still need to be washed regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this process safe for my clear coat?
    1. Yes it is.
  2. Does my car need a paint enhancement and polish before the ceramic coat is applied?
    1. Yes. Even if your car is brand new, they come with micro scratches from the factory.

If you are interested in ceramic car coating in Southern California, contact Black Diamond Auto Detailing and we can get your car ceramic coated in no time!

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